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Re: 4KCSQ Hard Shifting

At 12:36 PM 1/9/96 -0500, Eric Schumacher wrote:

>I have an 86 4kCSQ, much like yours.
>Two suggestions:
>Change your gear oil and put in a good synthetic.  Popular (in this group)
>are REdline and Amsoil.  I changed mine a few weeks ago with good results.
> A friend of mine changed his 5kCSQ at the same time and noticed a BIG
>difference.  Caveot:  be sure you can remove fill plugs first and use a
>pump (I wasted lots of time 'cause I didn't have one).  You will need four
>> I've owned an '87 4KCSQ for about a month now and was wondering if the 
>> shifting behaviour I'm experiencing is normal.  When the car is cold it 
>> is rather difficult to shift.  What I mean is it is physically hard to 
>> put into gear.  When the transmission warms up it shifts very nicely.  As 
>> well I noticed again when the car is cold that the clutch does not seem 
>> to disengage immediately in conjunction with depressing the clutch pedal, 
>> there is about a one second delay between the two operations.  I 
>> can see these two things being related.  Any ideas on this, a 
>> sticky release bearing, air in the system.?  Any comments 
>> would be appreciated.

Sometime in the mid-80s--86, I believe, Audi changed the factory fill for
the tranny from dino to synth.  This wasn't well publicized, so it's
possible the PO on the '87 changed the tranny fluid (or was convinced to)
and used dino.  I had an '87 and never had this problem, even when the car
was left overnight (or two) at ski areas (max daytime temp in single digits F).
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