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Re: Turbo Mods

Hello Aidan ... I hope this message actually makes it to you ...

I don't know about the scroll sizes between the '83 and '86 turbos, but 
there is one major difference ... the '86 is water cooled.  You will need 
the turbo plumbing as well as the turbo itself.  I am about to do a similar 
upgrade on my '83 QTC and have been planning to do this.  Does your car 
have the dual oil filter setup?  If so, I understand that you will need to
remove the single oil filter from the '86 as well.  I hope to have more 
information on this process after this weekend.

I'd recommend getting in touch with Scott J (PDQSHIP@aol.com) about the 
actual differences between the turbos themselves.  

I'm interested in hearing back on anything you learn during your investi-
gation as well.

You also mentioned that you were thinking about putting a later model ECU 
into your car.  This is something else that I am looking into.  You might 
want to consider that this is likely to involve getting some of the wiring 
harness from the '86 as well as the sensors and such, but I think it will 
be a worthwhile project (at least worthy of further study :)

Steve Buchholz
s_buchho@kla.com (address not working too well right now!)
San Jose, CA (USA)