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Re: V8 or not to V8

(Sorry if this is a repeat - I can't see from the error message from 
our gateway if it made it out at all the first time)

>From what I've heard, Audi now supplies titanium covered rotors 
(veeeeery thin layer) that more or less takes care of the problem. I 
have no information on the price, but it probably ain't pretty...
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com

| From: Brooks Ellis  <brooks@fortnet.org>
| >and the UFO brakes... what is the latest verdict on them?
| I'm not sure, I still need to look at it in more detail..
| Would having the UFO brakes kill me? Are they almost certain
| to warp? Or just under ' spirited driving ' conditions - would
| they warp if I stood on the brakes at 80mph? How about some
| fast canyon driving - not too hard, but a lot of it? Hmmm.. I
| mean, if they only warp when abused, I really don't abuse my
| brakes.. Usially downshift.. But if a deer or something is in
| the road around a corner 80...<BRAKES>..<ABS>..<chatter>..0 (
| in a couple of seconds.. my 100 really suprised me the other
| day.. There was a Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep in the road,
| and I stood on them at about 70, and I stopped QUICK... It was
| pretty crazy, I hit them so hard the ABS came on.. Wow! )