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Re: New A4 quattro

> I'm also planning to get a new a4q in the spring.  would appreciate any
> advice on price, dealers, etc as well.  I'm thinking a black on black >
with most options; is the stereo upgrade worth it, or can I relatively >
easily put an in-dash cd player in it?  > > I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio
area but would travel as far as Chicago > for a good deal.... > > Thanks >
> David Briggs

I have spoken with four dealers (two in Atlanta, one in Asheville, NC and
one in Okla.City).  Best discount is $1300 off list.  Dealer price has
about $3100 profit in it.

There was a long string recently regarding the stereo upgrades.  I suggest
you check the archives.  Most of us would say skip the Bose.  The factory
head unit (does not change with Bose - only speakers) is NOT compatible
with any aftermarket CD changers.  Go with the factory CD Changer or lose
performance with an RF adapter.

There is also a WWW site with prices of all new cars and options.  It
least dealer costs as well as MSRP.  I'll have to post that separtely.

Eric Schumacher