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Re: An embarrasing accident for a Quattro . . .

Davis Walp wrote:

> What perplexes me, though, is the manner in which my accident occurred...

Here are my conclusions after experiencing similar behavior (fortunately,
though, not quite so dramatically and at much lower speeds)...

When there is very little traction to be had, ABS doesn't help much at
all. When it's really slippery, it can't even keep the car in a staight
line. Why? Well, I believe it's mostly due to the weight shift to the
front when braking: with so little weight on the rear, there is not enough
traction back there to "slow the back end of the car down" as fast as
the front end. The rears might as well be locked. Voila. Spinneroonie.

ABS can usually work small wonders to keep a car under control in slippery
conditions, but it's bound by physics just like the rest of the world. It's
got to have some traction to work with to be of any use.

The other part of the answer lies within your post: you got on the brakes
hard. That's a real no-no in slippery conditions, ABS or no. The best way
to avoid situtations like this is anticipation: don't get into a situation
where you may need more traction than you have. End of lecture :-).

Glad you weren't hurt (physically...)