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Re: 4000 2 door

Luke D. Vinogradov writes:
> On  9 Jan 96 at 22:26, neanderthal@ardvark.com wrote:
> >    I was in a junkyard today and saw what I thought didn't exist 
> > ( an Audi 4000 with two doors) and I was wondering if anyone knows if this 
> > vehicle was available as a quattro.
> I have a "World Cars" book from 1984 (specs for every production made 
> in the world that year) and it lists a 2 door 80 Quattro being 
> available.  Has a photo too.  Not a bad looking vehicle I think (for 
> 1984!).  Don't know if they made it to your part of the world 
> tho'...

All the Audi 4000 quattros imported into the U.S. were 4 door.  There
were 2 door U.S. 4000s, but none of them are quattro.

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