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Re: Wheels, and their vocab..

At 10:00 PM 1/10/96 -0800, you wrote:
>The local Dunlop dealer (whom I do trust, just don't always understand) 
>has some Prime model 119 in a 15x7 that he will sell for $137 each.  The 
>fact that these wheels are "hubcentric" is what he keeps pushing.  What 
>does this term mean, and is there a number assigned to it so I can 
>compare exactly with other wheels.
>Is there is really strong argument for the "brand name" wheel vs. the 
>"generic?"  Apart from a 2" black cap in the center of the wheel with the 
>brand name on it, the wheels are cosmetically identical.  The reason I 
>ask, is that the Prime's will obviously be cheaper once I pay shipping on 
>the others.  And I would prefer to deal locally unless somebody speaks 
>strongly in favor of the other wheels.
>Thanks all for the help.


Hubcentric is when the center bore of the wheel is made to match with the
diameter of the hubs; the wheel is then balanced by the center hole, rather
than the bolt holes.  Basically this means that when you put 'em on you
don't have to fight the wheel.  It allows the lugs to be properly tightened
as well since there is no binding of wheel and lug.

The difference between the wheels isn't a big deal.  Prime makes a very nice
wheel.  The warranties may be different, who knows?  Feel comfortable that
the Prime wheels won't fall apart on you.  Like anything else you get what
you pay for, it's like comparing Monroe shocks to Bilsteins, they will both
do the job.
I don't know the warranty on the Borbet, but the Prime has a one year warranty.

Good luck!

Sam Strano 
Strano's Foreign Car Parts & Service