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Re: new a4 quattro

> From quattro-owner@coimbra.ans.net Wed Jan 10 22:12:51 1996
> From: TROWSX2@eworld.com
> We are  current 85 Saab owners, who are looking  to buy a new Audi A4Quattro.
>  We went to dealer on Jan. 31st and after driving one, we were ready to
> purchase.  So far no luck on silver w/black leather int. and sunroof.  Are
> these really so hard to come by or is dealer dragging  his feet?    

 Well, I'm looking for a black-on-black A4Q with leather, sunroof.
 and a sport steering wheel. Just like David Briggs below:

> I'm also planning to get a new a4q in the spring.  would appreciate any 
> advice on price, dealers, etc as well.  I'm thinking a black on black 
> with most options; is the stereo upgrade worth it, or can I relatively 
> easily put an in-dash cd player in it? 

> I live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area but would travel as far as Chicago 
> for a good deal....

> Thanks 

> David Briggs

 If the price is right, I can buy it now, or I can wait until spring
 when the demand for Q's dies down a bit.

 PS: Dave, IMO I don't think the stereo upgrade is worth it. It doesn't
 even come with a CD player - you have to pay extra for the CD changer
 to go with the upgrade. 


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