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Re: Canadian to US Conversion

     I went through this while investigating buying a used VW in Canada
     last summer. I talked to VW of Canada and VW of America, and they were
     very helpful. Many late model VWs sold in Canada meet US specs, so it
     is possible for Audis too.

     You can look on the specific car to see if there is a sticker stating
     just that...

     The US Customs publishes a brochure about importing a car into
     the US.

     Tom F.

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Subject: Canadian to US Conversion
Author:  BS986 (INTERNET.BS986) at HR
Date:    1/6/96 7:01 PM

Does anyone on the list know a contact in Germany that can spell out the
exact differences between those cars destined for the US and the Canadian

Thomas A. Robbs bs986@freenet.carleton.ca