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Re: -=> Changing Radiator <=-

In a message dated 96-01-11 18:49:14 EST, you write:

>Since I dont have much experience, I was told
>(by the mailorder dude) not to attempt to replace the Hyd pump myself.
>That's why I'd prefer not to remove it.
>Lemme know if removing the pump is abso. necessary.

Loosen the large bolt that connects it to the engine.  Leave hoses connected.
 The adjustment bolt (next to the pulley by the radiator) has a cross bolt
that locks it down.  Look closely right by the rad and you'll see the nut.
 Remove the lockdown nut, then remove the adjustment nut.  Pull the large
bolt, slip off the belt.  The pump is now out except for hoses.  Move the
pump as far over the engine, out of the way, as possible.

The reason he told you not to remove it yourself is because these pumps need
to be primed or they'll be ruined.  This means when you slip the new one in
you first have to fill the inlet (where hose from reservoir connects) and
slowly rotate the pump until its completely full.  Then you connect the
hoses, making sure they are full.  Other than that, its a simple bolt in
procedure.  By the way - these pumps use a special hyd fluid, NOT ATF or PS
fluid!!!  Pentosin is the prefered (virtually only) fluid you can use.  Audi
price $20.00/qt, local prices $13.00, mail order (several places) is $8.00 or
so.  Since you have to replace pump anyway, replace fluid too.  If you look
in your reservoir and it looks red, the previous owner may have gotten you.
 ATF etc causes the seals in the ABS/steering rack/etc to go bye... 

Dave Head
87 5kcstq