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1991 200 tq info needed...

I'm not trying to dwell on this subject but I talked with my bodyshop friend
and he said fixing my 5k should be an "easy" repair since it appears there's
no structural damage ... he also said he expects it be totalled because Audi
is "proud" of their parts and charges for them accordingly.

If so, I plan to buy the car back and have it fixed.  And if I've got to buy
at least one front fender anyway, maybe I should buy two and get a pair with
flares from a '91 200tq.  As best I can recall from the one I had last year,
these should bolt on without any problem ... right?  If anyone has ever done
this, please get in touch ... flaring the rear fenders to match shouldn't be
too difficult since there's a lot of metal back there already.  And if I get
REAL lucky, maybe I'll have enough left over to buy a set of euro-lights and
forget all about my BMW-clone headlight project!  :^)

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