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Re: Embarrasing Accident Followup

> > But what may interest some of you is the special sale that Tire Rack is running
> > on Pirelli P500 (great tire, ran a set on my Q a few years ago).  Pirelli is
> > discontinuing this tire, so Tire Rack is asking $49 per tire for the 195/60HR14
> > size.  Great price considering the $70 or so Tire Rack wanted for them a few
> > years ago.
> Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
> I HATED the P500's. Mediocre on dry pavement, marginal in rain,
> abysmal in snow. Sloppy, soft, and crummy tread pattern. Mike,
> can you back me up on this?

My experience with P500s were also ho-hum. A very numb tire -- a very 
typical OEM tire. Personally I wouldn't buy 'em no matter how good the 
deal is.

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