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Re: ABS Good/No-Good?

I like to get in their blind spot and accelerate when they start to make 
a lane change.  I love the suprise when they realize someone's over there 
d then rip their car back into their lane.

Yep, I'm THAT guy.


On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, linus d. toy wrote:

> At 02:58 PM 1/11/96 -0500, Lou Mickley wrote:
> >re: Several posts on ABS in the slippery stuff.
> >
> >I turn my ABS off in the snow for two reasons.  I would rather have control
> >in the snow (ie there are time I want to lock the tires), and two, the ABS
> >OFF light on the dash reminds me to slow down.  Regarding the AUDIDUDI
> >crash, I'm amazed at people who look over their shoulder to see behind
> >because of the distance covered with their head in the Linda Blair
> >(backwards) position.  I've done it too, and as he learned - it only takes
> once.
> sorry Lou, but you're gonna be fighting the traffic ed curriculum across
> 'merica on this one (not that i endorse it--this is just a factoid)  this is
> a standard "instruction" that's been taught (but is it followed?) for
> years--not really for *behind* but for the blind spot.  for that purpose, i
> think it's the right thing to teach--it frustrates me to no end to have
> inattentive people make a lane change practically on top of me on the
> road--flashing lights at them does no good 'cause they're that close to me!
> my practice now is to stay out of other's blind spots when i can--i'm often
> right behind their bumper in the next lane over, but if they do their stupid
> stunt, i can usually just lift and keep away.
> 2 pennies of steam...
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