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Re: AM -see

> >Sheesh -- talking about his first AWD he ever saw -- an AMC Eagle!! (Uh... 
> >Joe-Bob? How's your AMC coming along??) I wonder how old this kid is!
> Well, and I will say this very quietly, the significance of the AMC eagle is
> this.....  It was THE first production CAR to use a viscous coupling center
> differential developed by Harry Furgeson in 1969......   And later used by
> just about every AWD auto except the audis..... The advantage of the viscous
> coupling is that it is a shear type setup, not a clutch type set up......
>  Which means that it is a lifetime part sealed coupling.....  And the v8 uses
> a similar setup, cept electrically shear coupling vs mechanical......  The
> shear "Putty" used in that firs AMC eagle has been perfected over the years,
> and though the content of the putty is different, the concept was born to the
> automobile right there with good 'ole billy-bobs Eagle......   Shhhhhh, now,
> so no butane leaks.....

Er... hum. I thought Jensen Interceptor FF (Ferguson Formula) was the 
first AWD car (and the anti-lock brakes)... Or does this Ferguson differ 
in style of execution? (or even the same person??)

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