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Re: AM -see

In a message dated 96-01-12 01:58:20 EST, you write:

>Er... hum. I thought Jensen Interceptor FF (Ferguson Formula) was the 
>first AWD car (and the anti-lock brakes)... Or does this Ferguson differ 
>in style of execution? (or even the same person??)

Could very well be Jeremy, tho I'm not sure a Jensen anything would be
considered a "production" car in the true sense of the word, maybe a
"specialty" car, but please, I will stand corrected on billy-bob theory
anytime.....  I have no information on the JIFF, so I'm the wrong guy to ask
on that one.....  

The significance of the Eagle, regardless, is that that the 10's of thousands
of them built sold and even raced (Guy Light Performance - Prorally, and
another one I can't remember off the top of my head), with a impeccable track
record of VC performance (a lifetime sealed unit, no mating clutches or
disks), puts it in the reference and significant roots of AWD, so the post
lauding it's reference should be corrected, however quietly (pleez, if I have
to type AMC or Eagle on quattro net again, my pentium will seize!)......
  Thank goodness that was a short lived moment of glory......  Audion.......