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Re: A safe distance.

I gotta hope the original post was tongue in cheek.  Maybe it's obvious and 
I'm just feeling gullible today.  I know I've always felt slamming into the 
car in front of me was not a necessity in enjoying the driving experience. 
Maybe (!) everybody else on the road doesn't believe in the best tires you 
can get, safe following distances, awareness of surroundings, ABS, good 
vehicle maintenance...

    -Eric (ericha@wrq.com)

>I like my older brother's philosophy on tailgating.
>       If you follow at 4 or 5 car links and the guy ahead of you slams
>       on brakes or hits something, you're gonna really smack him pretty
>       hard.  If you're only a foot or so from his bumper, you distribute
>       all your energy into tearing up his car - no impact between you and
>       him.
>Sounds good anyway.  And makes sense, given the assumption that you're
>gonna make contact.

|I've got to say that's not an assumption I generally make (something about
|self-fulfilling prophesies?).
|Richard Funnell,