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Re: BFG Touring T/As

At 08:29 PM 1/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Davis Walp say:
>> But what may interest some of you is the special sale that Tire Rack is running
>> on Pirelli P500 (great tire, ran a set on my Q a few years ago).  Pirelli is
>> discontinuing this tire, so Tire Rack is asking $49 per tire for the 195/60HR14
>> size.  Great price considering the $70 or so Tire Rack wanted for them a few
>> years ago.
>Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
>I HATED the P500's. Mediocre on dry pavement, marginal in rain,
>abysmal in snow. Sloppy, soft, and crummy tread pattern. Mike,
>can you back me up on this?
>If you're looking for a good deal, see if you can find some
>of the Goodrich Touring T/A (not the Comp T/A VR4 I usually
>tout on the list). Angela's 90Q20V has a set, about $60 each,
>and they are awesome in the snow; not bad on dry pavement, either.
>I understand they are discontinued, so they may be tough to find.
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RE: the BF Goodrich Touring T/As. I work for BJ's Wholesale Club (ie. Costco and  SAM's Club is like us ) and the last time I looked (recently), these were a regular stock item.  The price is somewhere around that range.

This is not to drum up business for BJ's... frankly, I don't care where you buy them.... I just wanted to add that these may not be discontinued, or at least, that there is still an adequate supply. (In fact, I am thinking of getting the Comp T/A VR4s, and I can special-order them through work... but will I? NO, I think the Tire Rack will be cheaper... and that says a lot!! I guess it also means that the Tire Rack has decent prices, if they can beat wholesale prices out in the retail marketplace!!)

I haven't called the Tire Rack to find out how much the Shipping and Handling charge is. Anyone know? TIA.

Hope this helps.


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