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Euro lites

Warning! Warning! Warning!

For any of those who were using a european contact to try to scam some low price
euro lites (for the 200/5000) please observe the following:

Get the whole set-up, wiring harness/plug included.  Just snip the wires off at
the junction to the main harness.  This prevents confusion and frustration when
installing and does give that factory look.  Buy the VW/Audi factory connectors
(p/n to follow this week) and make that install clean.

Tell your contact you don't need the outside reflector/blend work.  On Euro cars
this is only a reflector, but they'll charge you an extra $6 or $7  (we're into
saving here, right).

The clearest lens is not necessarily the best light.  Per a previous post, the
euro lights have a removable/replaceable lens.  A clear lens (no scratches/pits)
means not too many miles on the lens.  It may mean the previous lens was broken
and replaced, with potential undetected (until dismantling) damage.  A scratched
lens can be replaced (will post cost later) a bad reflector can't be.  Have your
buyer ask if he/she can pop the lens and look at the reflector.  Look for
dust/dirt/scratches and most importantly water spots signifying probable
accident.  Pass on this light or if it looks cleanable ask for a further
discount (save those $).  BTW a clear, unpitted lens could also mean a brand new
light and a bargain.  Caveat emptor.

On the cheap and easy (?) theme, follow my logic here: The US and Euro
reflectors are the same (maybe), it's the US lenses (and bulbs) that are crap.
The Euro lenses come as separate units (Bosch, BTW)... Would it be possible to
swap Euro lenses to a US unit and have sort of a US-plus unit?  Maybe find a few
of those front/back filament bulbs and have a plusplus setup.  In the name of
science I'll look into it.  My US lights are coming out tomorrow, hopefully
resulting in a wealth of info for the list: above mod, exact dimensions, etc.

Joe Yakubik
gradually seeing the light