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Re: Oxygenatgion of fuels

At 06:38 PM 1/13/96 -0600, William Murin wrote:

>Here in southeastern wisconsin our claim is that the dirty air comes from 
>Chicago, Gary, Detroit & Ohio.  Our governor huffed and puffed as did the 
>local congressman and several state legislative types but EPA kept the 
>mandate in place.  According to EPA our air is pretty crummy and we do 
>have quite a few ozone awareness and ozone action days (dont run your 
>lawnmower, avoid unnecessary driving) during the Summer.  In a sort of 
>"let's make a deal" scenario EPA allegedly told the state-level folks 
>that if we could reduce/eliminate ozone levels in the Summer, they would 
>consdier removing us from the oxgenated fuels requirement list or delay 
>its onset until later in the winter season.  Apparently we did not do our 
>job 'cause the stuff showed up again this Fall.  Those damn pesky 
>tourists from illinois!!  :)

That "Let's make a deal" scenario just might happen here in Puget Sound
(Seattle area).  Not to make you all jealous or anything (and not to
increase the immigration rate into our area--they just turned down a number
of water permit applications for some new developments), but an article in
the local paper here said we've managed to avoid any high ozone days since
'91 or something, the result of a combination of emission inspections and
oxygenated fuels.  The discussions have included the elimination of
oxygenated fuels (now in use during late fall & winter only) and some
relaxation on vehicle emission testing--possibly just the older, more likely
to pollute cars only or those with obvious high levels based on
remote-sensing--which implies both older and newer modified cars--just
another way the guv'mint is taking away our fun.
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