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Cheap and easy Euro lites (not)

Info valid for 200 Turbo Quattros:


For those seeking used lights from German junkyards:  Get the reflector on the
side.  The US amber light does not fit.  It is just a trim piece/reflector, but
your car will look silly without it.  In fact, it is glued to the upper bracket
on the light housing (sort of).

To squash any hopes: the euro lens will not swap onto the US reflector.  The
Euro unit is about one half inch wider  (more on this later).  The corollary is,
the US reflector is not the same as the Euro reflector.

The swap is not just a direct bolt-in.  It's pretty darn close, and having both
reflectors would have made it easier, but you have to move the aux battery
terminal from the windshield washer bottle  (haven't figured out exactly where
to, yet).  These light units are big!  They are approximately 16 and one half
inches wide, compared to the US 15 and one half.  They take their extra inch
from the outside; hence no room for an amber running light, only a silver
reflector.  Other than swapping some trim pieces due to oxidation (always a pain
on used parts) it was pretty simple.  I only had one reflector, so I didn't
reinstall all the trim pieces, cause it has to go on before the light goes in.

US light info:
p/n left  447 941 007
    right 447 941 008

dimensions Lens = 15 x 5 5/8  Carrier, add 1/2 on the outside (l/r).
hole spacing, bottom, distance to outside edge of lens = 2 1/2 inch
	      bottom, distance between holes = 12 1/4 inch

hole spacing, top, distance from outside edge of carrier = 5 3/4
		   distance between holes = 6 3/4

These measurements are not guaranteed, due to the unusual shape of the things,
but I would bet the mounting points are all standard.  The question comes up
when you are dealing with accessories in the vicinity, ie radiators, amber
lights, battery terminals, etc.

Euro lights info:

Audi p/n left  447 941 003
Audi p/n right 447 941 004

Bosch p/n left  0301 071 101
Bosch p/n right 0301 071 102

Dimensions: Big, and deep  (I didn't measure too accurately)

Joe Yakubik

PS If you are working on your front end and decide to drive without the steel
trim strips that fit above and below the radiator grill and around the amber
lights, do not exceed 100 mph.  Structural failure of the side light/reflector
will occur.  This is, of course, purely theoretical, because I would never be
that dumb.