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Re: turbo/ computer upgrades

>Date:	Sat, 29 Oct 1994 13:40:19
>From:	zing@gnn.com (MARTIN SLOTTERBACK)
>Subject:	Re: turbo/ computer upgrades
>>Date:	        Sun, 14 Jan 96 20:17:18 EST
>>Subject:	Re: turbo/ computer upgrades
> Sun,14 Jan 1996  You wrote.
>>      Martin,
>>         Would you care to expand/elaborate on how you got more 
>out of
>> your
>>5kTQ engine.  I accidentally erased your post, but I remember it 
>> brief.
>>                                      Later Dan,  
>                                      Dan - 5000CSTQ
> O.K. Here goes, abit windy,
>   I have 86 5000cstq wanting more power and not having money to 
>add a 300.00 cam shaft,extrude hone,kkk26/27 turbo,795.00 IA, 
>etc,etc. I wanted to add a stiffer WG spring. Knowing that the 
>pump relay would shut off the supply. I read about adding a 
>switch, but the cost seemed to high, about 65.00/75.00 plus wiring 

>it in. I have no problem with labor[my own]. I ask people who know 

>more than me and this is what we came up with:
>     Start with removing the glove box, locate the AUTO CHECK 
>CONTROL UNIT with the 33 pin conecter, jump a wire from pin #2-a 
>white wire with a gray stripe- to the MAIN FUEL INJECTION ECU 
>located behind the kick panel on the passenger side front. Connect 
>the other end to pin #21-a brown wire with green stripe. than you 
>must install a euro WG spring or equivalant.
>     I also add some spacers. I think they are 1 1/4 bicyle headset 
>spacers. Plus the JACOBS ENERGY TEAM- COMP,WIRES, AND COIL. You see 
>I am a bicycle mechanic by day. The results are 1.9 on the digi 
>gauge. the down side is I think no safety factors like no rev 
>limiter no over boost protecter and the like. what this does is to 
>ground the fuel pump to an oil pressure switch,no oil no fuel, 
>sounds simple huh.? well it works and works well. I have not 
>noticed any ill side effects. I hope that this has enlightened you 
>on what I have done. Good luck! keep me informed on your progress.
>      Marty S.