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Re: Junkyards

In a message dated 96-01-14 19:43:54 EST, you write:

>  BTW, do you ever find parts that look like new, or mostly a lot of just in
these >junkyards?  Also, I was a little skeptical of going through one of
those places in >Hemmings or in Quattro Quarterly (Shokan or DAD's).  If I
wasn't happy with the >condition of the part could I send it back and get a
full refund, or would I be stuck
>with a crappy part?

First, remember the fact that you're looking for later model parts. That
alone puts them in better condition.  Plus, Audi owners tend to take better
care of their cars - and they're built better.  Most of the time the parts I
find/need are in as new condition.  Interiors are not, usually (meaning
fabric components) - because windows being open the elements get to them.
 The older Audis tend to be complete and in great shape as the common failure
was the automatic.  A rear bumper should be easy to find for you - the pearl
white was popular in the year group your're looking for.  Start with yards in
your area first (no shipping - a bumper will have high shipping costs), then
move out.  These mail order places depend on their customer reputation.  Tell
them you are with a quattro group on the net and if you get good service,
they'll likely get many more customers.  Make sure they know you're a
perfectionist - that if it don't look great, its coming back.  Pay by credit
card so you have the card company to help you get your money back.  Small Car
World was mentioned lately here, as was a place in Santa Fe.  The vendor list
includes places for used parts that we've had good luck with.  Before you
buy, ask the people here - there may be someone local that can look it over
for you or may have dealt with them before.

Dave Head