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Re: Police Report

>From: gregsj@minimall.imm.com
>Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 17:36:17 -0800
>Subject: The police report .....
>>Thanks to the 19 of you (!) who suggested I get a copy of the police report
>>and find out the attractive female passenger's telephone number from it ...
>>I called them today and was told it won't be available for another 10 days.
>>I still don't know if I have the cojones to pull this one off ... I can see
>>it now: "Hi, you probably don't remember me but..."     ;^)
>Jeff(AudiDudi-great monkier BTW); It's all quite simple actually. If you never 
>call her, you will probably never see her again. If you do call her and she says 
>"No" you will probably never see her again. No loss either way 'cept #2 may 
>incur a minimal loss of pride which can easily be recouped in about an hour or 
>so (go for a nice drive and an Audi). If you call her and she says "Yes", Yahoo! 
>I hate to toss cliche's at cha' but "nothing ventured; nothing gained." CARPE 
>DIEM! Greg

I think a better cliche for4 this situation would be...

	Never up, Never in

(it's an old basketball terml of course)

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