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Re: Bushings

Hairy green toads from Mars made Daniel Hussey say:

>      Andrew,
>      I'm going to redo the entire suspension on my '88 Audi 5000CSTQ this
> summer and I'm thinking performance, Performance, PERFORMANCE! Get the picture.
> I wanted to see if anyone made nylon, polyuerethane, or Deralin performance
> suspension bushings for this car?  If not I was wondering how to obtain these
> materials, or are there people that can custom make them?  And how much would
> that cost?  I think $450 is a lot for just OEM stuff!  Does that price
> include installation, and how hard is that procedure?
> Any help would be appreciated.

There are rather a lot of bushings underneath a 5000/100/200.
What I'm getting are:

	L/R transaxle to frame mounts	$12.36 x 2
	front subframe bushings		$38.03 x 2, $21.15 x 2
	upper tower (strut) bearing	$30.18 x 2
	sway bar bushings		$5.85  x 2
	spindle-arm RCA(*) bushings	$33.21 x 4
	front pivot RCA(*) bushings	$44.96 x 2
	inner pivot RCA(*) bushings	$10.31 x 2
	TOTAL:				$458.52 plus shipping

* - RCA = Rear Control Arm

This represents virtually every bushing in/under the car. I am
not replacing the engine mounts (they look OK), or some of the
front tie-rod bushings.  Labor is $300-$400 (8-10 hours).

I couldn't find any conclusive evidence that urethane or nylon would
buy me enough to be worth the search or price. If you want PERFORMANCE
at any cost, maybe....


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