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Junk Yard Parts

Concerning the purchase of Junk Yard parts......You can sometimes locate "newer" parts by
checking the lot date or manufacturing date on the part you are buying used.

While working on my previous 86 5000CST and more recently on my 89 200TQ I have noticed that just 
about every part on the car has some sort of a lot date or manufacturing date stamped on it. This lot date  
can be useful for determining which parts were replaced when doing  maintenance/service on Audis that 
were purchased used. Usually the Week and the year are shown ie 22 88 indicating the 22nd week in 
1988. All of the bosch fuel system parts seem to have lot dates, (injectors, fuel pumps etc), the Power 
steering hoses, radiator hoses, radiator, electrical relays, sensors also show the manufacturing dates. 

Many of the plastic body parts have a round circle moulded into them showing the months and various 
years with an arrow that points to the correct year/month. 

I think my head has been buried to deeply in my Audi lately......I need to focus on getting myself a "date" 
and worry less about my Audi "dates". 

Scott M.