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Re: Bushings

>I've read (in a performance handling book) that poly-eurothane bushings 
>were NOT the way to go.  They tend to seize up in the casing.  This same 
>book recommended (rather highly I might add) Nyliner bushings.  These are 
>metal bushings with replaceable (every year, or earlier for track use) 
>nylon inserts.  This setup is notably more expensive than eurothane, but 
>was said to be far superior, since the nylon inserts were replaceable.
>Any other opinions?  Eric?

The thing is you need to tailor your material to the application, To that 
end I'm only replacing the subframe bushings, which after replacement 
don't really move, so Delrin is fine.

The problem that I have with the Nyliner bushings is that nylon is a very 
soft material and to expect that it will last for a year on the street is 
totaly unreasonable. Street conditions are hell on bushings...


Eric Fletcher