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Re: Flappin' bout Mud Flaps

At 03:22 PM 1/13/96 EST, you wrote:

>, and mud flaps  (Cain't hab no fo by fo, 'thout mud flaps) (Tongue out of cheek, I recommend them) p/n
>440/110.004.00, above disclaimer applies.
>Questions welcomed, technical, part numbers or otherwise.
>Joe Yakubik

Well, I had a mechanic friend of mine (who modified and raced cars) that told me once that by putting on mud flaps, (on his daily driver, which I think he also raced on the weekends) he lost a couple or so MPGs (and probably some split seconds) due to wind resistance. He took them off and noticed his MPG increase (yeah, it was unscientific, but nothing else was done except take the flaps off.).

Sounds like it makes sense to me. If they are not designed into the car in a wind tunnel to improve aerodynamics, they are a real "DRAG" (pun intended!)!! (Are the ones you recommend designed for looks or performance? I would hope both.)

Besides the loss in MPG, he probably gave up a bit in stability (i.e. cross-winds etc...) as well. If any doubt on this, just look at how important airdams, spoilers, etc... are on modified production and race cars.

Needless to say, if they don't make the car go any faster or add to its handling prowess, I don't need them. Especially if they look like the ones on my neighbor's Delta 88!! :-) (OOHH, those tacky rubber ones that are held on by two screws.... UGGHH!! And, I think I finally have my father convinced NOT to put them on his car....)

Just my $.02.


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