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Re: Quattro Digest V3 #44


while doing my A4Q info-search, i ran across several magazines that
mentioned the 20V engine. they said they expected it to be a 1.8L
turbo and that it would pump out 150 hp.

> Anyone know how much power and torque this is projected to put out? And will they be rare/hard to get?
> Has this engine been used in other applications before? (Pardon the ignorance... I have a V6.)

obAudiCOntent : A4 review continues - although i'm still learning the smoothest
shifting points... the 2.8L engine does not spin down as fast as i'm accustomed to,
so when shifting UP i have to wait an extra second or two while the revs drop
enough to make a smooth shift. weird.. i'm used to the quick-decelerating engines
like the lotus 1.6L turbo and the GTI 1.8L.

...discovered the little flip-down sun visor in front of the sunroof control.

...am getting ~19 mpg or so. not bad for around-town driving on crappy winter gas.


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