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FYI, Y'All,

I may have scored on calendars for the list.  Availability may be **QUITE** 
limited, however.

Pricing?  <10DM?? in Germany.  I was given a name to contact at Auburn 
Hills.  I will be in a much better negotiating position if I have some 
more solid numbers to give this person other than "well...  There are 
somewhat over 700 persons on the list and some of them would like to have 

Assuming a price of $10 to $15 US, how many Q-Listers would be interested in 
getting an Audi calendar this year?  Please drop me a quick line ASAP so 
that I may have at least some semblance of a number to present the AofA 
contact person.

* Robert L. Myers                  <rmyers@wvit.wvnet.edu>               *
* Chair, Dept. of Chemistry        (304) 442-3358  (office)              *
* West Virginia Inst. of Tech.     (304) 574-2372  (home)                *
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*        Obligatory Sleddog-L and Quattro list references:               *
*    My Siberian Huskies enjoy riding in my '89 Audi 200 TurboQuattro.   *