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Blind Spots

>  Jeremy R King <kingjer@eng.auburn.edu> said:
> Ok, Ok.  I guess it's more like...if I happen to be in somebody's blind 
> spot and they start to come over, I like to hold my ground until some 
> action is necessary.  Usually I speed up so they see the front of my car 
> and pull back over.  Otherwise, I just switch lanes.  It sounded a lot 
> more response-provoking the other way.  Indeed, I've gotten way more 
> responses on this post than I did on the questions about my car (exactly 
> zero).  I am a bit of a pest to non-drivers when I'm on the road.  I 
> guess I'll grow out of that (or be scared out of it) someday.

You seem like a nice guy, and I hope you do.  Personally, I try to 
NEVER drive in someone else's blind spot.  If I find myself there, 
action IS necessary - get out of there.  I'll speed up or slow down, but 
NOT drive there.  It really PI**ES me off when others drive there - 
because I assume they're so inattentive and incompetent they're not 
aware they're in my blind spot.  Further, by doing this, they're 
practically asking for me to get involved in an accident with them!  
That's clearly not the case with you, but be aware that this practice 
lumps you in with some "dim bulbs"....which you, as a fellow  
list-member, are presumed not to be!

(And which one of my office partners, an Auburn resident from birth, 
would automatically proclaim you not to be!  :-)

You're right - this HAS begotten a lot of bandwidth.  'Spose everyone 
(like me) has an opinion on this!

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