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Re: A4 1.8 TQ

The Euro-spec "Reihen-4-Zylinder, Ottomotor, Fuenfventiltechnik,
Abgas-Turboaufladung, Zwei obenliegende Nockenwellen (DOHC)" produces 110 kW
(150 HP) at 5700 rpm.  Torque: 210 between 1750-4600  (I presume Nm, no units
indicated)  Weight: 1325 kg (2920 lbs.)  0-100 kph: 8.4 sec.

If it's HP, torque and 0-60 (okay 100 kph) you want, how about the 2.8 quattro:
128 kW (174 HP)@5500 rpm; 250 @ 3000; 1385 kg  0-100 kph: 8.1 sec, but not
available as a wagon (Avant).

BTW, to restart an old fire: Audi clearly states with the two V-6's (2.6, 2.8)
"Zwei Leichtmetallzylinderkoepfe jeweils eine obenliegende Nockenwelle (OHC)"
Two heads, two cams means (to Audi) single OHC; one head, two cams = DOHC.

Joe Yakubik

BTW: Schmutzfaenger are available for all models, but no data was given as to
the impact on either mileage or acceleration.  Me, I'll save the paint.