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RE: wiper blades

> I can give a big thumbs down to Tripledge blades.  I live in the country and
> there's lots of bugs here, so I thought the scraping action would help.
> Unfortunately I installed the new blades in time for winter: no bugs, lots of
> spray.  The rubber/nylon compound is too stiff and does not conform to my
> windshield.  It leaves a thin film on the glass.

Well, since they proudly advertised it as "using same rubber compound as 
those multi-million mile tires," you should have guess how hard it will 
be. Wiper blades should be as soft as possible -- wiper blades should be 
replaced when it hardens although that's little bit too long in terms of 
clarity due to the fact that rubber itself also get good dose of "nicks 
and scratches."

Good thumb of rule is replace the inserts twice a year -- before summer 
and before winter.

> Previous experience drives me to go back to Anco/Trico and replace only the
> inserts often, not the whole blade.

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