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Re: Idle screw (dealer wants $15 !!!)

Most junkyards have a $15 mininum purchase, so you'd better go get a list 
of things.  Or find a buddy with an inoperative Audi.


On Mon, 15 Jan 1996, Richard Funnell wrote:

> On my urQ, the idle screw has a head small enough to fit within the
> threaded hole.  The other end is specially shaped, I believe, and it is
> grooved for a rubber O-ring.  In short, you can't replace it from the
> hardware store.  A junk yard would be a good bet, however.  I would suggest
> making sure the O-ring is snug to avoid having this happen again.
> >Hi everybody,
> >somehow I managed to lose my idle screw .... I didn't mesh with it, it just
> >jumped out
> >of the vehicle on the highway ...
> >I called my beloved dealer and he wants $15 for it !.
> >Is it a special screw ? Blessed from the fatherland or something ?
> >Can I find it in a local hardware store ? Can anyone give me a discription
> >of it ?
> >
> >TIA
> >Vangelis
> >5000 CS T '86, no idle screw ... just duct tape ...
> Richard Funnell,
> San Jose, California
> '83 urQ
> '87 560 SL