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I know, the correct term is "engine", but "motor" sounds good-ole-boyish.

Anyhow, while home for Christmas I promised Cary I'd mention some things 
on the list for him.  This is a guy (man after my own heart) who built a 
3-stall, double deep shop complete with hydraulic lift IN HIS BACK 
YARD!  He buys wrecked Audi's, BMW's, VW's, Peugeot's, and Porsche's at 
auctions and fixes 'em up (at least some of 'em - his yard is littered 
with well over 60 European cars) to sell.  Here's the main things I said 
I'd mention:

	3 or 4 Perfectly good 10V I5's (2.226) out of 5ks' I think
		He really wants these things out of his hair.
		He'll sell 'em to you for $150 each!

	1 Perfectly good I5 w/slushbox out of an early 80's 4ks
		He bought the car for the engine/tranny to fix another
		4k he had, and was suprised it wasn't a 4 banger.
		He needs a 1.8L 4cyl, will probably swap even for a good one.

	4 4kcsq wheels in ok shape (3 pretty good, 1 not-so-good, all straight)
		I'm pretty sure they're quattro wheels after seeing 
		Eric Schumacher's q.  4 bolt, 14X5.5
		Not sure of price - good snow option

Cary's just a guy that loves cars, especially European ones (don't we 
all!).  He's not out to make a killin'.  Usually wants just a little more 
than he put in.  If you're interested in any of this, let me know.  
Disclaimers apply.  Heck, I'd buy the motors if I had a place to put 'em!

Sorry about the bandwidth.