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Hey all,

I've been reading all the talk of bushings of late and have .02 cents to add.
Stay with rubber.  
   Again this is based on years of Merkur tweeking.  Many of the bushings are
available as urethane.  I've tried some.  For an anti-roll bar for example.
After a while the ID becomes pounded out and then you feel a chatter through the
floor.  Also without grease they will creak.  With grease they creak.  In the
winter when it's cold they creak and need the ineffective grease changed.

Just not worth it.  But I've been importeing hard rubber GroupN bushings.  You
could do a whole car if you wanted.  They are cheap.  Sometimes a GrpN bushing
from the UK with overseas shipping will cost less than a US dealer would charge
for the stock part.  They don't creak, or need any maintenance.  Oh and they
work giving a good tight feel to what is really a pretty sad design relying on
the anti-roll bar to do too amny things at once.

Any such parts for Audis?  Scott/Eric?

Also has anybody tried going to a little negative camber on the Quattros?  I
just got my Bentley and haven't taken off the plastic yet.  Maybe just the neg.
side of the correct range.  Comments?

Eric, what are the details of your suspension kit?

Sometime back someone mentioned not being too pleased with an Eibach/Koni combo.
What were some responses to the sender.
  My only personal experience with Eibachs is with the Merkur.  Long story short
I feel that for as low as they got the car, especially the front they were too
soft.  So at the rate of the spring they sell they should have been taller or
for as short as they were they should have been stiffer. Lowering Merkurs is
popular but most kits go too low.  Front tire clearence is minimal.  The cars
start with neg camber stock and go waaaaaay neg when dropped.  You can't adjust
it.  And nobady seems to tell the buyers that dropping height also means less
travel, than they wonder why they destroy bump stops.  

I wonder how much room for lowering or tire their is on my 885KTQ.  The Fuchs
are 15x7 or so is stamped on the wheel.  They look way out towards the fender
lip already on the rear. 

So any comments or stories on others 5KQ suspension mods?  I'm talking real
world roads here.  The Northeast, Tri State area.