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Re: Need help with new car....

	Thanks to everyone who responded to my plea for help concerning the 
few "glitches" with my new 5kcstq.  I spent about an hour last night outside 
in the mid 30 degree night crawling around under the dash of the car replacing 
the brakelight switch (it's the switch without the vacuum line, BTW).  I now 
have brake lights!!.  If it had been daylight and not so cold, I could have 
probable dont the job in 30 minutes.

	Also called about a Bently manual yesterday, I'm going to go pick it 
up today direcly from their office (turns out they're right down the road from 
me.)  Does $139 sound reasonable?  Does to me, but I've never bought one. Two 
volumes, over two thousand pages of info.  YIPPEE!!

	I'm going to takel the light switch after I peruse the Bently.  A 
rubber band is doing the trick right now.  

Paul Luevano					2 wheels:	'94 CBR 600F2
prl@ptc.com					4 wheels:	'86 5KCST
DoD #1599	 						'87 5KCSTQ
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