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Re: bushings

The OEM bushings for the lower control arm are a very pure
design. I'm not sure about the US-spec cars but here in germany
the bushings on the URQ and the Audi 80/90Q coupe until 86 are
all the same. They are basically two metall sleaves filled with
rubber. Over the time the rubber seperates eather from the inside
or the outside sleave and the car starts to handle very nervous.
There are three ways to solve this problem:
1. use spherical bearings if you use your car for racing only and
it is permitted in your class
2. use AUDI HD bushings form AudiSport which are allmost impossible to
3. use the bushings german part number: 811 407 181 which are
the bushings for the SportQuattro S1 ( Yes this is no typo!)
The S1 came with two different types of bushings: one , which 
is basically the same design as used in the URQ and the second
type which looks like the AUDI HD bushing but uses a different rubber
compound. They basically like a bone. With some silicon grease and the
right tools they fit perfect and they will last for years.

      Hans-Juergen Schneider
      Internet: hschnei@ibm.net
      Germany , 200 Quattro