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Quattro Sport Project

Greetings all

I've just had the pleasure of having Ned Ritchie & his family as guests
this week. Apart from keeping me up to all hours talking about Audis he's
got my 82 Ur-Q running better than ever, more power less detonation!

The downside to having Ned stay is that he's inpired me to resurect a Sport
Q abandonded by Audisport last decade. Contary to my normal rational
decision making, I've run out & bought the remains, which consists of the
body from just behind the A pillar doors, trunk, complete rear suspension &
front right fender.

now the questions begin.
1 After much discussion between Ned & his daughter, they couldnt decide
whether the A pillar was from a 4000 or a 2door 5+5. Its certainly not from
the coupe. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

2 Any suggestions as to a source of photos of the sport? I've got some
exterior shots, but have no idea whats inside the beast.

3 I'll be taking moulds from the panels that I have & be making some
repilcas in carbon foam sandwich.  I'd be happy to provide panels to people
who can  get me access to the missing panels (hood & left fender) I'll
probably fabricate the spoiler from a mould I've taken off the UrQ

4 Ned has suggested running a 320hp MC motor through a 4.11 driveline from
the 4000, 5000 brakes, coupe struts. Any alternative ideas? I have the rear
alloy struts & 1 alloy +1 steel Audisport front struts

Thats prolly enough for now.

BTW Ned was impressed by the net & the list in particular. I encouraged him
to hook up & I think that he will when he returns. Before you all get
excited,dont expect to see him providing  all his knowledge to the list,
its that knowledge that is the basis of his business. If you want the
knowledge ya gotta pay for it! Based upon the result on the 82, its well
worth it. The car had been previously modded with aparts from the UK. Its
not that I now have that much more power, its that I have a bit more power
& an engine that is not on the verge of self destruct!
all usual disclaimers apply (but I'm impressed if you hadn't guessed!)


John Firkins
82 UrQ
85 UrQ
90 V8
8? Sport (well soon hopefully)