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Re: V8 vacuum question

Mark Hogan wrote:
> Does anyone know of a vacuum hose that runs (and I suppose terminates)
> toward the passenger side rear of a V8?  I am pretty sure I have a leak (I
> can pop the oil filler cap and get no change in the engine running and I am
> experience a throttle lag when I depress the accelerator after lifting).  I
> can hear a hissing from the rear, but I can't quite locate the exact
> position.  The hissing is not an exhaust leak and I checked the hoses under
> the hood and they seem fine....Any ideas??
> Mark Hogan

The sound is probably the fuel pump.  I think that Audis must have 
the loudest fuel pump of any cars.  However, if the hiss is very 
pronounced, the you may have a fuel pump on its last legs.

Good luck,

Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro