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> 2.      My rear muffler is gone.. rusted and broken. OEM or aftermarket?

Had mine replaced aftermarket at a local shop for $100.  Worx fine, loox stock.

> 5.      Suspension/Rims/Tires.  Time to upgrade.

H&R springs are pretty good, koni adjustables are hard to beat.  15x7
w/205/60 Dunlop 8000's work well.  European car has had a project 4kq for
about a year, and back issues will tell you what all they have done.

> 6.      CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM.. IT WON'T LIGHT UP!!!  why?  One Audi guy
> said it was the fumes from my aftermarket battery!

Perhaps the "audi guy" has had too many fumes...  :) Anyway, when I got my
4kq, none of the diff lock lights worked, but I could tell the locks were
working.  I took apart the panel, and made sure the vacuum lines were all
well plugged in, and the electrical socket was seated.  Upon reassembly,
everything worked right, still does 2 years later...just because the light
doesn't go on doesn't mean the locks arent working.

>Hope it was cheap.  Starting to make my 84 4000 sound good in its
>pitiful former state (it's almost perfect now, just waiting for a 
>5000TQ engine transplant.  Any willing donors? :)

Call Max @ AVS...(360)748-8578)...he had a donor two weeks ago he wanted to
get rid of quick (still in the car even!).  Good luck!