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Greg's '91 200TQW Saga (kinda long)

Fellow Audians: I'm still enjoying the honeymoon with my "new" 91 200 TQW. A 
few updates. The missing left channel/aural tachometer/stereo problem turned out 
to be a bad connection in the aftermarket Alpine amp. I almost hit the floor 
when the sound shop kid said the amp cost $500. A few sentences later (he was 
describing the problem in detail; I was trying to figure out how to pay for it) 
he said "but this amp is new enough to be covered under warranty, so we'll pull 
it out and have it fixed for you." YES! The shippers left my owner's and service 
manuals on the sales manager's desk. They arrived yesterday and I read them from 
cover to cover. Most interesting. I have a few questions/clarifications that I 
will save for a later date. The car has no floor mats. I called around to at 
least eight places. The best quote I got was from IPC (800.472.1144) @ $79.50 
for a set of four. Has anyone else out there gotten a better price? Any comments 
about IPC? The car does not have a cargo cover/privacy shade. My friendly Audi 
dealer quoted (gulp) $450.00. HELP! At that rate I may commission someone's 
grandmother to knit a privacy blanket with Audi rings for me. So, I'm looking 
for a black privacy shade or a sweet grandma. The clutch does not let out until 
the very top of the arc. I prefer a connection that's closer to the middle of 
the arc, can this be adjusted? When traveling along at constant throttle the 
engine surges a bit - any advice? Lastly, I have begun prepping my 86 5000CS 
Turbo for sale. Front brakes were an issue. My local brake shop quoted $230.00 
for new rotors and Raybestos pads. Best Price (800.636.0854) quoted $169.00 for 
cross-drilled Brembos and Repco Metal Masters. Duh, I wonder which one I should 
chose. Thanks again for your continuing help. Greg