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RE: Re[2]: 30v v6 specs: was a4 1.8 turbo

>i believe that the 850 will use the simple VW syncro style system.
>VC as "transfer box", automatically engaging part time 4wd.

That's what I've heard too. Although it's been awfully quiet about
the 4wd for quite som time now. No indications on when they'll
go into production. The new 850R (250hp) is still fwd...

>if v*lv* can sell a ton of hot turbo wagons (even though it has
>a lot of trouble putting the power down) it is inexcusable that
>audi cannot do likewise.

Don't know about US prices, but in Sweden there is a significant
price difference between the 850Turbo and the S6. Which somewhat
explains the difference (and I guess some of us are patriots...). Although
I don't really think the cars are in quite the same league. I'm of course
biased towards Audi, but I've test driven an 850Turbo and wasn't impressed.
The engine is nice, but the rest can't just keep up. The gear boxes are crap - 
can't handle the power and tend to break down quite alot. The wire system
used to operate the gear box is very inaccurate... Not to mention the difficulty
in getting all those hps down...