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RHD v. LHD euro-lights

As much as I hoped to make STEADIRIC's suspension kit or PDQSHIP's turbo kit
the first updates to my "new" '89 200tkq ("You just bought the damn car; why
can't you leave it alone for a while?  You're sick!" -- direct quote from my
father yesterday afternoon, after I outlined a few of the things that can be
done to make it handle better/accelerate quicker, etc.), it's clear from the
trip home from work last night that euro-lights have jumped to the top of my
list.  I wonder why "60 Minutes" did a story about "unintended acceleration"
(which as we all know, was a complete crock) and never did one about *this*?

So, does anyone know if the lights sold in the UK (for use on RHD cars) have
the same beam pattern as the lights used on LHD cars elsewhere?  I'd like to
buy them as inexpensively as possible and I know some people in the UK I can
probably impose upon to track down a used set provided they'll work properly
over here...

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