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Hot car for sale:5KTQ

This is it! Sweet car for sale. Saw this in the SF Chronicle and decided to
give a call. Apparently an individual used to race this car. He was
meticulous in maintenance; the body is apparently perfect as is interior.
Supposedly had car mats on top of car mats. He is forced to sell it; doing it
through his mechanic. Check this out: ‘87 5000QT. Intended Acceleration
tweaks. Reportedly faster than a ‘65 mustang track car with Nitrous. Red.
Black leather. 16” fittipaldi rims. 117K miles.  “Full Race Suspension” used
for autocrossing. $9,000. Call Billy Coughlin at 707-484-2664. He is in Santa
Rosa, CA. Serious Inquiries only.