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Re: Sport Q restoration! Wow!

Bryan Gunn writes: (excerpted)
> There is supposed to be some big, expensive, out of print book about the
> Sport Q, but I would recommend the Brooklands Gold Portfolio on the
> Audi Quattro. It has several articles about the Sport Q, and many pictures.
> The pictures aren't the best quality, but there are some diagrams on the
> Sport Q interior that indicate what goes where. It's only like $20 and would
> definitely get you headed in the right direction.
... I have a copy of this book ... in fact I posted the information about
it in December if you need the ISBN & particulars.  If you let me know 
what kind of views you are looking for I can look through the book to 
see if there are any appropriate photos.  I don't have the ability to 
scan the photos, but I could do the low-tech snail-mail of photocopies
if there are any appropriate.  Let me know what you need!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)