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suspension options

Well, I've had my '92 100 q for a little over a month now. The
dealer where I bought it replaced the "air flap motor" ($178)
and the "EGR frequency valve" ($224) (total labor $324) for half
price. This fixed the climate control problem and the ECS check

Now, I'm taking it to a local shop that I trust, for them to 
look at the right front suspension, which is making improper
noises and vibrations over bumps.

My question is this: if they want to replace suspension parts,
I want to consider upgrading to better equipment. Specifically
I find the nose to be underdamped (too many oscillations after
a bump); and that there is unacceptable body roll, not in
cornering but over rough roads.

I've been watching the list for a while, but most of the traffic
is about pre-'92 cars. Does anyone have experience with or opinions
about suspension mods for '92+ 100 series cars? Is the suspension
different in Europe?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Steve Molin, amateur praxeologist first class