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My S4 for Business

Al, You are totally correct about dollars, taxes, and making it work for me.

I have trouble thinking of this S4 experience as anything other than 
 fun (and safe, fast, reliable - a sleeper on the roadways too), but I 
 am looking into switching it's intent as the probable choice once 
 reality hits me later this spring.

I am a "buy the car and drive it until it does not run (can't be 
 repaired) kind of owner."  This approach has made several [expensive] 
 German car choices much less expensive for me than the Oldsmobile or 
 Ford approach has proven to be for neighbors of mine.  I just haven't 
 consumed cars before.

There have been questions back from several people:  How much would I 
 spend? (Didn't want to answer that, but how about $20,000?).  How many 
 miles per year? (Really don't know, but the worry is "way too many for 
 me.").  Could I see your Cooper S? (I am in the Seattle area!).

I've thought another high mileage S4, a "hopped up" Audi 90 Sport 
 experiment, a V8?  This whole note was intended to draw your opinion - 
 which I appreciate.

Thank You all!

'93 Audi S4, '67 Austin Cooper S