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200tq questions...

I've got a couple of questions about my "new" 89 200tq that I can't find an
answer to in the owner's manual:

1) are the seat heater switches supposed to be illuminated?  Neither of the
two in my car are nor is the temperature wheel...

2) do the seat heaters cycle on-and-off to maintain temperature or are they
on all the time?  (Mine seem to cycle on-and-off but it's hard to tell.)

3) is there any way to turn the city lights on and off by themselves or are
they permanently tied into the parking light circuit?

4) since the Bentley manual for this car is not yet among the 11 (!) others 
that I *do* have, I haven't been able to figure out how to pull the speaker
grilles from the dash so I can replace the drivers ... how do I do this?

5) is there any way to replace the coin holder with an OEM panel so I mount
a foglight switch without cutting a permanent hole in the console?  Here in
Arizona, we don't have toll roads so this handy gadget isn't really needed. 


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