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Re: RHD v. LHD euro-lights

>Date: Sat, 20 Jan 1996 11:22:11 -0600
>From:smarinel@neosoft.com (Steve Marinello@Newpark)
>Subject:Re: RHD v. LHD euro-lights
>>Interesting ... it looks like the vote is split 50-50 as to whether they're
>>the same or not.  Of course, since I'm giving a lot more weight to those in
>>the UK who responded (all of whom claim they're different), I guess this is
>>another "bright" idea of mine that didn't pan out.
>>Surely these must be available from some english-speaking source in Germany
>>or elsewhere in europe?  I've been given a couple of places to try but when
>>I get them on the phone, the conversation doesn't seem to go anywhere and I
>>politely thank them and hang up after $6-8 worth of long-distance.  I would
>>appreciate any leads on this since my US-spec lights have GOT to go ASAP or
>>I'll be forced to start riding the bus after dark.   :^(
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>Check the archives for The Parts Dept. (Tim Pook) in England.  He had the euro
>lights available for my TQC, so I imagine he can get the ones you want. 
>Cheaper than Germany, too.  Actually, hang on and I'll check my files since
>I'm at home.....
>(0273) 326189 phone     (0273) 321363 fax       in Brighton.
>Saved big $$$ on my brake servo in January of last year, even with the duty
>paid later.   And from my experience, the euro lights are definitely LHD or
>RHD.  They have a flat left half and angle up on the right half for the LHD;
>vice-versa for the RHD's.  And Tim can order whatever part #, I'm sure.  BTW,
>my euro beams on the TQC are made by Cibie, not Hella.

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