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Euro Low Beams

Drew Faulkner <drew@fstuk.demon.co.uk> said, in response to an 
inquiry about using RHD euro-lights (part of his post is deleted as 
I'm only commenting on his point #1):

> Can't see it I'm afraid... There will be two major differences - 
> 1. The dip beam cutoff is much sharper and lower on a UK car than USA.
>    This will make road-side signs hard for you to read, 'cos they are
>    higher in the States than here.

Don't know if the beam design is similar - I suspect it is - I have 
Cibie Z-beams in my 280ZXT; they are a european light.  I have 
NEVEhad trouble reading US road signs on low beam.  However, the Z-
beams do throw a light pattern like this:


so they are designed to give me visibility on the shoulders.  If 
Hella Euro-beams are patterned anything like this, I wouldn't worry 
too much (and am not worrying...while getting my hands on some) about 
being able to read signs on the shoulder.

Been wrong before - may be wrong again.  Any comment from someone who 
has bit the bullet and is actually using Euro-beams?

(BTW - I agree RHD lights won't work - I also suspect they're 
designed to throw light the wrong direction.)  

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